Planning is everything

September has been a very eventful month.  It began by carefully planning the precautionary steps necessary to protect my family and my home from Hurricane Irma.  Then came four days of moving potted plants, removing patio furniture, shuttering the windows and tying plants too large to move to trees or fence posts. Fortunately, the only casualty of the hurricane was a palm tree and all seemed well.  Tired from a couple of sleepless nights, I set out to resume normal activities.  Before noon that next day, I managed to total my beloved CT 200 Lexus.

Miraculously, no one was hurt and the financial hit was zero dollars.  I had taken out gap insurance to cover such an event.  In both cases planning kept me safe and secure.  This same attention to detail and plan development will make the difference between a career that just happens to you or a career that provides satisfaction and financial growth.  Take advantage of the wonderful webinars archived or scheduled to help develop your plans.