We Want to Become Your Career Partner

Since founding YourCareerPlace.com, we have posted 15 webinars to enable our members to find jobs, advance in their careers, take the entrepreneurial plunge and better manage their finances.  Some of you have indicated that you would prefer individual lessons that you could complete at your own pace.  For this reason, we have begun converting our webinars into classes so that you can choose the way you are most comfortable with. We have just posted our third class offering, “Become Your Own Boss.  It is a class designed to help you successfully start your own business.  It is the first in a series of lessons that will not only help you to get started, it will guide you through the challenges of managing your new business successfully.  Making the decision to start or join a team that is starting a new Company is perhaps the most difficult and consequential career decision that you will ever make.  Preparation, both personal and professional is an essential part of the process. “Become Your Own Boss,” is the first of a series of workshops that will provide both insight and direction for both preparation and management of your new enterprise.  Yourcareerplace.com be your silent partner through this difficult, yet exciting process.  We cannot guarantee success, but we can show you what successful entrepreneurs have done in creating and then growing their new businesses. 

The career enhancing resources provided by yourcareerplace.com are available 24/7 to our members.  We invite you to join our community and grow with us as your career partner.

Join our community during the month of March and enter discount code March2020 and receive a 50% discount for your one-year membership!  We look forward to hearing from you about how happy you are that you made the decision to join.