Mid and Extend Career Series

Mid-Career Workers of ~45-years old and up – Why Join

As you have graduated from college for ~20 years, or high school for ~25 years, acquiring new skills – both soft and hard skills — to manage your careers in order to stay relevant and networking to stay employed are key career management needs. 

In this phase, your financial knowledge needs include plan for retirement while balancing mortgage, medical expenses, children’s college costs and retirement savings. 

Our Mid-Career Lesson series will address the skills and knowledge to help you manage and extend your career.  Basic financial literacy knowledge will help you ask the right questions to plan and manage your finances.

Below lists the current career management, career development and financial literacy webinars we have.   We welcome your suggestions of new topics – submit your suggestions by email to ideas@yourcareerplace.com .


List of webinars:

  • Career Management
  • Creating Your Resume
  • Interview Strategy
  • 10 Interview Questions You Should Be Prepared to Answer – and 5 to Ask
  • Overcoming Potential Age Bias
  • Job Search Etiquettes
  • Networking Strategies
  • Creating a “Personal Commercial”
  • Moving From Individual Contributors to Leader
  • Re-Entering the Workforce
  • Financial Literacy