Early Career Series

Millennials – Why Join

You need basic job search skills such as resume writing and interviewing as most college alumni associations and college Career Placement Centers nationwide do not offer career workshops. Since your future earning potentials can be largely impacted by not getting a job due to poor job search preparations or receiving a job offer that is not competitive with market prices because you do not know to negotiate or do salary research, your career management needs are to acquire skills to develop your career.

As most private companies do not offer a traditional pension plan for retirement, and with some degree of uncertainty of the solvency of the Social Security program, the Millennials generation is almost entirely responsible for saving for your retirement.

As young workers you have at least 40-45 years of working time until retirement.  You can use this long time horizon to your advantage in saving for retirement. Financial knowledge on how to leverage time and the power of compounding as well as managing student loan repayment are crucial.

The Early Career Lesson series focuses on helping you to develop your career and learning financial knowledge to help you leverage time to get an edge in retirement savings.