Damaging Phrases Women Use in the Office (Office Hours)

Damaging Phrases Women Use in the Office (Office Hours)

Presenter:  Elizabeth Lions
Date: September 1, 2017
Time: 10-11am PST  / 12-1pm CST/ 1-2pm EST


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This ‘Office Hour’ event provides an open-ended interactive live Q&A virtual forum for you to ask your specific question to and get personalized suggestions and answers from our expert Career Coach on the topic of “Damaging Phrases Women Use in the Office”.    Unlike truth perceptions stick.  Perceptions left behind for a woman can cost her the promotion or even the opportunity to be recognized.   What a woman says or doesn’t say will color her perception.  Awareness is the key.    

Bring your questions and ask Elizabeth.   This event is perfect for people who are interested in improving your career health or are stuck in the wrong job and want to make the right change. 

We recommend you to review the on-demand archive recording of the webinar before attending this Office Hour event. 

The “Damaging Phrases Women Use in the Office” webinar held on August 31 covers the following:  Elizabeth offering her insights and guidance on the phrases to avoid, and instead, what to say to empower your speech to grow your authority status and perceptions of you.   You will learn:

  • Why women say what they said
  • Phrases that leave a  negative  impact
  • Why women are overlooked for raises and promotions
  • How men perceive women in the office


About Elizabeth Lions:

Elizabeth Lions is the Author of two books, “Recession Proof Yourself”  and “I Quit! Working for You Isn’t Working For Me”.   Her third book will be released in 2017 on women’s leadership.

Elizabeth works with individuals in job transition or that are interested in leadership development. 

Elizabeth has designed and developed leadership and career courses, webinars and even a radio show entitled, “Leadership Lessons from the Lioness” featured on Plaid for Women.  Women often come to Elizabeth for solid strategies and advice when they don’t get the promotion or find they are not successful in their career and unhappy.

An expert advisor on career conundrums, Elizabeth has been quoted in Yahoo, The Ladders, and Dice job boards.   Her words have reached as far as the front page of the Philadelphia Tribune, PBS, CBS Money Watch, Dale Carnegie and John Tesh’s blog. In 2014, she took her leadership courses to Dubai and the Middle East.  Most recently she has been a key note speaker at IEEE Women of Photons, Society of Women Engineers, Women of Long Island Tech and WITI.

Previous to becoming an accomplished Author, Professional Speaker and Coach, Elizabeth started her career as a headhunter on the west coast. She had the pleasure of working with the leaders of Microsoft, Wells Fargo, EBay, and Intel to name a few.   It was during those private meetings in conference rooms that she was privy to who would be laid off and hired.   This expertise is brought to her clients.

Today, Elizabeth can be found writing, coaching and collaborating with the Who’s Who of Corporate America.  When she isn’t working, Elizabeth can be found traveling across state lines with her husband on their Harley Davidson motorcycle or in the yoga studio twisting for hours on end.   

For more about Elizabeth’s philosophies, programs and videos, please visit www.elizabethlions.com.