Job Search Etiquette (Office Hour)


Presenter:  Patricia Cross
Date: Thursday, September 21, 2017
Time: 12-1pm PST / 2-3pm CST/ 3-4pm EST



This ‘Office Hour’ event provides an open-ended interactive live Q&A virtual forum for you to ask your specific question to and get personalized answers and suggestions from our expert Career Coach on the topic of “Job Search Etiquette”.  

The webinar previously held covered the following:   Manners count!  You may have the best skills of any job candidate, but if you don’t pay attention to proper etiquette, you may lose the opportunity.  In this session we’ll identify mistakes that job seekers make, and specific examples of common courtesies to include in networking, informational meetings, and job interviews.

We recommend you review the on-demand archived recording of the webinar before attending this event. 


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