It’s Time For A Decision

As 2017 draws to a close, it’s a good idea to take an honest look at your career progress.  Have you met the goals that you set for the year or has another year gone by without any real measurable career growth.  While you are taking the time to make this evaluation, it’s also a good idea to make an honest appraisal of your job conditions and be realistic as to whether or not they are the real reason for lack of progress.  For many of us, the only way to take the next step forward is to change jobs.   You may be working for a Company where the possibility of promotion just isn’t there.  You have no reasonable expectation that hard work and substantial contribution will lead to promotion.  For others, our loyalty, consistency and contributions are taken for granted and our true value is simply not appreciated.  These issues could possibly indicate that you need to seek out a new job, where the  Corporate Culture of the Company is one in which you can thrive.    Many of us simply don’t take this factor into consideration during our job search and many of us work year after year without coming to this conclusion.  I’ve often been told by individuals who changed companies, how great it felt to be part of a new team that appreciated their experience and contribution.  According to recent statistics, there are 6.1 million jobs available in the United States and there hasn’t been a better time to search for a new job in many years.  Visit often and review the wealth of our Webinars archived to help with your job search.