Come Claim Your Gift! seeks to be your partner as you go through career transitions and seek to enjoy the benefits of career growth.  We have already provided and archived many wonderful webinars to help you find your next job, develop leadership skills and if it is your ambition, take the entrepreneurial plunge.  There is, however, one other factor that we consider essential to a healthy career and that’s your financial security.  We feel so strongly about this, that we are offering our next webinar, “How To Budget For Life” absolutely free!  Ron Rudich, a well-respected CPA, and member of our team, will guide you through our first webinar focused on teaching our members how to better plan and manage their finances.  Simply click and register with the code XMAS2017FREE and you will be enrolled at no cost.  It’s our very late Christmas gift to you and I promise you will be glad you did!   

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