About Us

Our team at Your Career Place is comprised of seasoned professionals who are experts in their specialty fields.   Our experience serving in diverse breadth of industries brings insightful and holistic perspectives for career development, career management, and financial literacy.

With the average worker expecting to change jobs 5-15 times in their 40-45 years of working career span, and with corporations under constant cost reduction pressures to cut staff as well as reducing budgets for employee training and professional development, it has primarily become the worker’s responsibility – that is, you – to proactively manage and develop your career to stay relevantly skilled in order to stay employed through the phases of early, mid- and late career.

You are also facing the challenges of saving enough for the life you want to have for you and your family while working and in retirement.  Working hard, however, does not necessarily mean you are saving enough for your retirement.    A global retirement survey in 2015 reported nearly two-thirds of retirees who said they were unprepared for a comfortable retirement did not realize the shortfall before they quit working.    Holistically, gaining financial literacy helps you face your money honestly as well as manage and protect your money to create the financial security you want to achieve.

It is the objective of Your Career Place to provide affordable — at monthly membership prices that is less than the cost of three premium coffees — unique training and information resources focused on teaching career management skills and knowledge to successfully find and keep a job, and to keep more of what is earned safely for financial security through learned financial literacy.

Membership in Your Career Place community offers the following features and benefits:

  • Multiple live webinars and interactive “Office Hour” webinars every month on a career management and/or financial literacy topic by authorities in their respective fields of expertise
    • Archived webinars available as on-demand for unlimited viewing at your schedule and pace
    • Accessible from anywhere within domestic United States or internationally
  • Cloud-based knowledge centers and links to other knowledge sites
  • Email newsletters on relevant articles, local events, and possibly featured companies or openings for specific locales
  • An opportunity to meet in-person and connect professionally in a geographical locale, creating strong community networks and increasing local visibility of service providers to its customers
  • Get high-quality broad-based career development, career management and financial literacy training and knowledge for members at different stages of your careers at highly affordable annual membership price
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